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John Noble Electrical Contractors carried out the installation of burglar alarms, fire alarms and data networks at our three studio premises (55, 61 and 75 Bread Street). The installation work was carried out very efficiently and the overall level of service we received was first class. We look forward to having a long relationship with this company and we would like to take this opportunity of thoroughly recommending them.

Colin Knight, Director

The Knight Residence

Reliable maintenance contractors are essential to the smooth running of any business - this is particularly true when the business in question provides 5 star accommodation. I rely on John Noble Electrical Contractors for the on-going maintenance and testing of the electrical fittings at The Knight Residence. I prefer to deal with John Noble Electrical Contractors for three reasons. Firstly because they offer a fast and efficient service whether the job is big or small. Secondly the front line staff are polite and well presented - this is particularly important to me as they may come into contact with our guests. And finally because I trust John Noble to do a good job at a competitive price. I thoroughly recommend them.
Colin Stone, General Manager

Clive Christian



This year marks the 21st of our association together. It is often said that you can tell people by the company they keep, but is also true that you can tell a company by the company they keep!
As I reflect on the past 21 years, I can think of very few people whom we have had such a long and satisfactory association, and I can only attribute this to the perpetually high standard of work that you carry out; the way you train those who work for you, and your fairness in your dealings with your clients. It is also interesting to reflect on the fact that when we have introduced you to our clients, they also have retain your services over a period of years.
It is a pleasure to deal with you and to know that when we need an electrician, we always have reliable, trustworthy and fairy priced service immediately to hand. It is also a great reassurance to know that you are a few years younger than me so you should be here until after I have retired!

Sidney H Harrison